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Sabaki Challenge World Cup
Ashihara Karate International’s 30th Anniversary Sabaki Challenge World Cup held in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2010

Vehicle driving over Hoosain Narker, Kaicho of Ashihara Karate – Buki no kata?
Allowing a “Ambulance” to drive over me. This was done in the Seychelles in 1996 and was instigated by Keng Ee, reporter for the Seychelles Nation & Egbert Moustache, Ashihara Karate branch representative for Seychelles.

Tameshiwari:- Kawara-wari, breaking tiles on fire
Hoosain Narker, Kaicho of Ashihara Karate International, demonstrates tiles on fire breaking (tameshiwari) at one of their tournaments in the nineties.

Interview on the WP Sports Channel of Cape Town TV in January 2015

the karate bit starts around just after the 20 min mark and features Hoosain Narker and Alex Uys